Our Vision

The higher the Power in Space, the bigger the Business on Earth

We are currently developing innovative solar panels based on emerging carbon-based materials that will allow us to increase the power generation in satellites. This technology can also be used on ground solar power plants or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to increase the production of electricity.

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 High Performance Solar Panels by KarbonTek
 High Performance Solar Panels by KarbonTek

Systems in Space need to keep the pace up with Business on Earth

Current Space Systems are designed using processes that, although they produce high quality final products, are based on documentation reviewed methodologies. Artificial Intelligent techniques can make a difference when it comes to reduce the time-to-market for small satellites.

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Solar Panels Technology

Solar Cells Temperature Problem

Solar cells electricity generation decreases sharply with temperature. Since solar cells need to be directly exposed to the Sun, this inefficiency limits the total amount of electricity generated. Some solar arrays in space can be working at 150 degC (like those at the International Space Station), far from optimal electriciy generation temperatures like 25 degC.

The figure below this paragraph contains a representation of the drop in electricity generation as the temperature of the solar cells increases.

Thermal Link Solution

Thermal Link is a patented technology (JP#2019-520672) that embeds highly efficient thermal conduction materials within the solar panel. This technique enables an efficient evacuation of the heat from the solar cells to keep them working at low temperature, where they produce more electricity. These new materials have already been incorporated into products for the consumer electronics market like mobile phones and smart televisions.

Below is a comparative diagram of a traditional solar panel versus a solar panel built using the Thermal Link technology.

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 High Performance Solar Panels by KarbonTek
 High Performance Solar Panels by KarbonTek

Generative Software

Small Satellites Design

Most small satellite missions require of design processes that match in complexity those for larger satellites. However, time-to-market and budget requirements for these missions cannot accommodate such processes. The result is that this high quality design processes are often skipped.

There is a necessity for a faster and lower cost process that can meet the demands of the high pace small satellites market.

Generative Software Design

Nowadays, new technologies like generative software and cloud computing permit analyzing hundreds of variations over a same base design, in order to find the one that accommodates the best to the environment. Spacebox is KarbonTek's software solution that generates hundreds of variations over the same satellite configuration, to find the highest performing one. This way, satellite specifications and systems design can be automated, and executed as fast as required.

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 Automated tradeoff software for Satellite Design by KarbonTek
 Automated tradeoff software for Satellite Design by KarbonTek

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